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A documentary filmmaker, television producer, cinematographer & editor


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An independent documentary filmmaker and television producer from Kerala and now based in New Delhi, Priya’s body of work has focused on women and gender, her stories windows into myriad experiences of the body, the environment, the community, mapped from a gender and feminist perspective. Priya has been directing, producing and editing documentary films & television programmes for New Delhi Television, Fox Traveller, CNA, National Human Rights Commission of India, Films Division of India, Public Service Broadcasting Trust & Khabar Lahariya for over a decade now.  

Priya is currently a Director at Chambal Media. 

Her independent films include Khanabadosh (2009), My Sacred Glass Bowl (2013), Survey Number zero (2016), Coral Woman (2019), City Girls (2021). Her films have been recognised with participation, mentions and best film awards in many international and national film festivals. She has been Co-Director of the IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival, New Delhi, from 2019-2020 and is a board member for IAWRT India chapter. She is also recognized as a Canon Cinema EOS Ambassador. Priya is an INLAKS fellow and has a Master’s in Mass Communication from the Anwar Jamal Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre, at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.

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